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manticore henna

This is a manticore drawn with Henna. Another early venture into the art of henna.
manticore marker
This is the same henna piece filled in with acrylic markers.

Fairy on a Toadstool

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fairy henna

A fairy sitting on a toadstool drawn with henna. This is my first venture into henna.

Angelic Wings

•August 1, 2009 • 2 Comments

angel wings

Angelic style wings painted with acrylic markers at Critical Massive 09.

glow wings

Same wings with added black light reactive paint.


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A playful animated interptriation of the elements painted with acrylic marker.


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Phoenix painted with acrylic paint markers.

Tribal shoulder

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Tribal Shoulder

Tribal shoulder piece painted with acrylic paint markers.

Fairy Wings

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girl wings2

Fairy wings painted with acrylic marker at Critical Massive 09.