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C’mere and let me make you pretty! I’m 61 inches of artist, waiting to use my acrylic paint (and soon to come: henna, airbrush, woading and cake makeup) to put something on you that you’ll not soon forget! Costume party? I can paint you and your friends. Event? Be the envy of your friends and stand out! Going to the beach? Well, let me paint a little design on you and when you tan, the design will show as untanned skin! Heck, even if you just have an idea for a tattoo and you want it visualized, I can do that too.

If you think there’s an event I should be at, let me know! I’m always interested in Burning Man events (at which I will paint smaller things for free! Large/whole body designs I may have a small fee for even at Burning Man events. Mostly because this paint ain’t cheap, and I ain’t rich.) I’m also comfortable with attending kink events as well.

Are you a body artist and want to collaborate? Are you looking to learn how to make lovely body art and willing to get your own supplies? Are you experienced and think I could improve if you but bestowed a little benefit of your years of experience and talent upon me? Contact me!

Prices for me to come paint you:

$40 for the first hour.

$20 per hour thereafter

additional costs may be added for travel, supplies, event entry, or whatever. This will all be worked out before the event at which my presence is requested.

Contact me for more information at

painting wings


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